Do You Ever Feel Like You Are Trapped In A Whirling Maelstorm With Your ADHD At The Center?


Hectic” isn’t the word. Life with
an ADHD child ranges from…

Your life might fall mainly into the “green.” It may fall squarely into the “red”. You might experience both ends of the spectrum in one week. Or one day. Or one hour.

It’s so hard.

Give Me Skills To Handle This

Life Is A Roller
Coaster Of Emotion.

Your emotions fluctuate according to your child’s behavior. On a good day, you get things done and you feel great. On a bad day, all the negativity floats to the surface.

  • “I feel so lost.”
  • “I feel like I have no idea how to parent.”
  • “I feel like a failure.”
  • “I feel helpless.”
  • “I feel so frustrated that I don’t know how to help her.”
  • “I feel like we are yelling at her all the time.”
  • “I feel intense mommy guilt.”
  • “I feel so lonely.”
  • “I feel like no one understands.”

But It Doesn’t
End There.     

That’s day-to-day living.
But when you’re…
…driving home from a PTA meeting, alone in the car.
…sitting on the couch, nursing a cup of hot cocoa when your child is FINALLY in bed
…listening to your friend blabber how her kid just finished medical school

You Worry About
The Future.

Will your child ever be able to hold down a job?
Will your child ever be able to maintain a normal relationship with a partner?
Will your child ever be able to move out and function as an independent adult?
Will your child ever learn how to make thought-out decisions?
Will your child alienate everyone they ever meet with that sudden, frightening temper?

If you could ask for one thing from a fairy
godmother it would be

“Please, Promise
Me That Everything
Will Be Okay!”

Here’s the thing.
It can be okay.
(And you don’t need a fairy godmother to tell you that.)

You just need the right skills.

Hi! I’m Yvonne Landau,

Life coach and lecturer, and I’m so glad you’re here!
For over 20 years, I’ve been helping adults and children with ADHD transform their lives.
I really get the challenges you’re experiencing.

ADHD is hard.

That’s why I’m so excited to share the life-changing methodologies that I have developed for parents like you.

ADHD should not prevent your child from achieving success in life.

You, As A Parent, Can…

Boost self-esteem and confidence

So many ADHD kids feel rotten about themselves. Yours doesn’t have to.

Inspire real change

Your kid can change for the better. Criticism just. Doesn’t. Work. Do something that does.
Inspire real change

Enable success at school

Your goal: get your kid out of the principal’s office and into the classroom – finally learning.

Discover the secret of motivation

Half-done room-clean-up? Unfinished cake? You can stop picking up the pieces and your kid can bask in the glow of a job completed.

Navigate homework,studying, and tests

That hair-tearing, tear-jerking, migraine-inducing LOADED topic called HOMEWORK… can be safely diffused.

Fill out missingeveryday-functioning skills

Does your kid find starting new things super unsettling? Can your child never decide on anything from socks to ice-cream? These skills can be developed.

Teach time management

Your kid can be ready for school early

Model problem-solving

When something tough comes along, they won’t “lose it” in a frenzied, tear-filled storm. They’ll stop, focus and make wise decisions.

Discipline effectively

Those days of feeling like your kid has you wrapped around their little finger are over. You can decide what is acceptable in your home and what isn’t.

Build social skills

That endless, loud talking and inability to keep friendships are not inseparable, not-so-endearing parts of your ADHD kid. Your kid can have a loving relationship with their spouse. They can be in the same room as their siblings without half-killing them.

Reduce temper tantrums

The egg-shell walking can end! You can put delicate china on the table again. That frightening, sudden temper can be managed.

Teach long-termanger-management strategies.

Where is all that anger coming from? Get real answers and help your child plan for the future. Your kid doesn’t have to blow up at their kids, too.

Yvonne? Are You Kidding? I Can’t Do All That.

I know. It sounds unbelievable – but you can.
You just need the right tools.
Many parents of ADHD kids make the mistake that only the professionals can help their children.
It’s just not true.
As a parent, you spend the most time with your child. That translates into…

…heaps and heaps of opportunity.

Compared with the couple of hours each week that a professional might have, I ask you…

Who Do You Think Has
The Power To Effect Real,
Long-Term Change?

(It’s a no-brainer.)
You, of course.

Parents are powerful.

Besides, who is facing that raging temper tantrum at 12.00AM?
You or the professional?
You are the one who needs to know HOW to handle it.
And without training or planning, the split second decisions you make (especially when there is a delicate, heirloom statuette involved) usually don’t result in a nurturing, growing experience for yourself and your child.

You both deserve better.

Empower Me!Watch Video

We Will Help You Grow

It was watching heroic parents like you that inspired me to create Discovering the Gift of ADHD.

It equips parents with everything they need to know to effectively parent their ADHD child.

Notice, I use the word effective.

That’s because anything which doesn’t work was not included in this course.

Every strategy inside it has been used successfully on hundreds of ADHD kids.

You can use them successfully too.


principals and teachers who have transformed their schools and the lives of their ADHD students with “Discovering the Gift of ADHD”


parents who have revolutionized themselves, their homes and their children with “Discovering the Gift of ADHD”


schools who have run an abridged version of “Discovering the Gift of ADHD” for their staff.

“Yvonne Landau is a very experienced professional. She was able to translate what could be complex ideas into easy-to-understand ones, and make them easy to implement in our own lives.

“The course was really useful in helping me to focus on my child's unique strengths and abilities, rather than get caught up on some of those challenges. It has allowed me to better connect with my child.”

Dr Ernestina O.Parent of 2 ADHD children

“I think she's really amazing.

She has a ton of experience in the field and working with individuals diagnosed with ADHD.

She really breaks down the material for the parents... [and] gives them real life strategies to work on with their child.”

Jaqueline King-BoardCertified Behavior Analyst

Discovering the Gift of ADHD includes:

10 info-packed
video sessions

Everything you need to know as an ADHD parent packaged neatly into ten digestible sessions.
The clips are sent direct to your email, once a week.

Less than 50
minutes long

You get a well-rounded, comprehensive “delve” into each topic, but not for so long that your eyes glaze over.


You get a well-rounded, comprehensive “delve” into each topic, but not for so long that your eyes glaze over.

Practice exercises

Exercises you can implement with your child, pronto.
You can flex those ADHD parenting muscles while the course is still fresh in your mind.

Beautiful slides

Brief bullet points and fun illustrations break up the lessons and help you focus on the course material.

Lifetime access

A new set of circumstances crop up? You can always refer back to the relevant session and listen to Yvonne’s tips over again. It’s not going anywhere.

Inside The Course

Jam-packed with I-wish-I-knew-that-yesterday skills for parents of ADHD kids.

Understand And Accept Your Child
Understand what he’s experiencing. Learn to him the way he is.

Teach Missing Life Skills
Help your child function well day-to-day. Teach him responsibility, organization, direction-following skills and more.

Manage Your Child’s Behavior
Set boundaries effectively. Decrease negativity and anger outbursts.

Foster Healthy Self Esteem
Give your child the self-confidence he needs to succeed in life.

Work With Your School
Get understanding and cooperation you need from your child’s teachers.

Instill Social Skills
Teach your child to get along with everyone – at home, at school. and in life

Together with the course, you
get a valuable bonus:

Price: $150


“From Pessimism To Optimism”

They tell you that happiness is a choice – but with life full of (hem, shall we say…) challenges, how on earth are you supposed to make it?

Parents of ADHD need nurturing too – although with your hectic existence you’re probably snorting at the thought. When, exactly, are you supposed to work on your own wellbeing?

Watch this session and you’ll gain practical, effective tips for
growing your optimism, your can-do attitude, your general
happiness – and your actual dream-achieving success!


  • How to gain control of your thoughts (yes you can!).
  • How to gain a more positive, more joyous, more
    productive perspective on… anything.
  • How to use simple questions and techniques to stop
    brooding, take transformative action, and achieve more.
I Want The Course And This Bonus!Watch Video

Yvonne, your course sounds like
something I’ve only dreamed about.
But… it’s too expensive.

You’re feeling frustrated and helpless.
You’re tired of the constant battles with your child.
You want to make things better, and you know this course will help.

But $597 is A LOT.
The truth?
Discovering the Gift of ADHD saves you money.

Here’s how:

Dealing with the fallout of your child’s reckless behavior takes time.
Hunting on your own for advice and solutions takes more time.
Managing your child’s schedule and stuff and schoolwork (how long did it take you to convince your child to do their homework last night?) takes even more time.

“Discover Discovering the Gift of ADHD” teaches you how to navigate these issues – plus how to prevent future ones by building the skills your child needs to function successfully.

Yes, you’ll have to invest serious time into implementing what you learn. But you’ll make back your investment manifold. And find lots more time to:

You’ll no longer have to regularly run out of work because your child forgot his lunch. Again. You’ll have the time and headspace to further yourself professionally. Maybe you’ll even get that raise!

“Stuff” is all those things your child keeps losing. Notebooks. Writing supplies. Toys. Accessories.
These might not be scary expenses. A couple dollars in the garbage here and there isn’t the end of the world, right?

Want things to change?

  • Buy “Discover Discovering the Gift of ADHD”
  • Learn how to teach your child better
    stuff-management skills
  • Cut a huge chunk of these costs out of your budget – and a nice amount of future grey hairs.

But what about when they get a little older, and the stakes get a lot higher? What about when they start losing –

Besides, even the little expenses add up. Are you spending $40 on a new backpack every year because your child’s gets moldy from ancient lunch leftovers? Even more on clothes because your child’s get ruined as they sit stained and crumpled under the bed?

With an ADHD kid in the family, stress levels skyrocket. Whether it’s because you’re refereeing constant sibling rivalry or frantically patching up school issues, your life is stressful.
Your marriage might be suffering.
Your other kids might have started needing more from you – and not getting it.
And your health and sanity – yeah, stress is just great for those. So is that nasty sense of incompetence and helplessness that’s been eating you.
“Discover Discovering the Gift of ADHD” brings calm, control and structure back to your life, so you can save money on:

Mental and emotional healthcare is crucial, but it can get very expensive very fast. Set yourself up for better long-term emotional health with “Discover Discovering the Gift of ADHD.”

$597 Is Too Much…
At Once

If $597 sounds like a lot to pay at one time, we’ve got you covered.
Select the 3-pay option at checkout: Select the 3 pay option at checkout and it is 3 easy payments of $199!
What happens if I buy the course but I find it’s not for me?
Parents share that this course has transformed their lives and their children. If within 14 days you don’t think you’re headed in that direction, you can return your course for a FULL refund.

Show The Way To The Course!Watch Video

Investing In Discovering The Gift Of
ADHD Is, Well… An Investment.

But you know why you are doing it.
Because your child deserves the best chance at life that they can get.
They deserve to see their ADHD as a superpower, not a super-roadblock.
They are destined for great things!

Fred Phelps

Most successful and most decorated Olympian of all time with a total of 28 medals.

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson

British billionaire entrepreneur and business magnate, he is the founder of the Virgin Group

Bill Gates

Co-founder of Microsoft, business magnate, software developer, investor, author, and philanthropist.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

35th president of the United States.

…All Achieved Greatness, Not Despite Their ADHD But Because Of It.

Your child’s Gift of ADHD can propel them to greatness too.

You Can Take Yvonne’s Course, And…

  • Calmly handle angry outbursts and defiance and feel in control the entire time.
  • Advocate for your child at school so you welcome home a happy, fulfilled child at the end of the day.
  • Help your child develop missing social skills so they can form beautiful friendships and be someone people love having around.
  • Handle the homework horror smoothly and effectively
  • Teach your child time-management so you get places on time and your child is no longer thrown by unexpected punishments due to lateness.
  • Tackle life-skills like focus and impulsivity, so you stop picking up the pieces of a whirlwind, reckless lifestyle

You Can Continue

  • Watching raging temper tantrums helplessly, and thinking “I have no idea how to parent.”
  • Feeling at a complete loss when your kid says that they spent the afternoon in the principal’s office again.
  • Cringing while your child displays socially-challenged behaviour when there’s company ‘round.
  • Fighting that migraine-inducing, nightly homework battle
  • Constantly yelling at your child and wondering if your relationship is all criticism and nagging.
  • Feeding a bottomless, unhappy pit of desire for fun and entertainment.
  • Worrying about the future.

I’m ready to join the 1300+ parents who have transformed their lives and the lives of their children with Yvonne’s course