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June 9, 2022 in ADHD, Blog, Medication

When Can My Child Stop Taking ADHD Meds?

For many parents, placing their child on ADHD medication is a big, scary step. While medication can work wonders for many children, enabling them to succeed and thrive where nothing…
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June 1, 2022 in ADHD, Blog, Medication

Is ADHD Medication Really Safe for Young Children?

Many parents wonder: children so often receive their ADHD diagnosis at a very young age. Is ADHD medication really safe for them? The short answer any qualified ADHD professional will…
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April 15, 2022 in ADHD, Blog, Diagnosis, Featured

Is It Just ADHD? When School Struggles Come from Other Disorders as Well

Your child is struggling in school. His teachers share their suspicions of ADHD, so you get him evaluated. Sure enough, the doctor agrees, and formalizes your child’s diagnosis. Fast forward…
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March 26, 2022 in ADHD, Blog, Diagnosis

When Does ADHD Typically Get Diagnosed?

When Does ADHD Typically Get Diagnosed? Your toddler is bouncing off the walls. Should you worry about ADHD? What about your six-year-old, who can’t stop talking to let her teacher…
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