Parent your ADHD child effectively calmly happily successfully

Gain practical tools to understand your child’s ADHD, nurture their emotional health, build day-to-day functioning skills, manage their behavior, solve school issues … and enjoy the journey!

Understand ADHD

Learn skills to overcome the challenges

Bring out your child’s gifts!

You’re a great parent, but your child’s ADHD makes things really tough

Daily life is filled with struggles

Discipline is a nightmare

School is a minefield

Your relationship is filled with negativity

You’re worried about his future

You’re feeling frustrated and helpless

Our Course “Discover the Gift of ADHD” will end your parenting frustrations!

  • Regain control and confidence in your parenting
  • Make your home-life calmer and happier
  • Set your child up for a successful future

I’m Yvonne Landau, life coach and lecturer, and I’m so glad you’re here!

For over 20 years, I’ve been helping adults and children with ADHD transform their lives. Because I have both personal and professional experience, I really get the challenges you’re experiencing. ADHD is hard! That’s why I’d like to share my wealth of professional knowledge and efficient, practical tools with you. Acquire those tools, and your child will flourish beyond all expectations!

ADHD should not prevent your child from achieving success in life.

By researching this course, you’re taking the first step in making sure that doesn’t happen. I can teach you how to guide your child toward continuous success – now, and in the future! You’ll learn how to create real change. How to stop feeling helpless and desperate. How to make raising this child a positive experience for both of you. How to reveal the gifts within the challenges of ADHD.

Gain The Tools You Need

Our course teaches you how to:


Understand and Accept Your Child

Understand what he’s experiencing. Learn to love him the way he is.

Teach Missing Life Skills

Help your child function well day-to-day. Teach him responsibility, organization, direction-following skills and more.

Manage your child's behavior

Set boundaries effectively. Decrease negativity and anger outbursts.

Foster Healthy Self Esteem

Give your child the self-confidence he needs to succeed in life.

Work with Your School

Get the understanding and cooperation you need from your child’s teachers.

Instill Social Skills

Teach your child to get along with everyone - at home, at school, and in life
See the Difference

Gain a positive view of your child’s ADHD. Learn to define her by her gifts, not her struggles.

Tell Me More

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this course cure ADHD?

ADHD is a lifelong condition. Instead of trying to “cure” ADHD, this course helps you manage ADHD symptoms, thrive despite the challenges, and access the unique gifts of ADHD.

How long is the course?

The full course runs for ten weeks, with a new video session becoming available every week. Enjoyable and to-the-point, each session lasts approximately one hour. Make this 10-hour time commitment, and you’ll save countless hours of future struggles, frustration, research, and professional intervention. You’ll be building powerful foundations for your child’s emotional, academic, social, and professional success.

How long will it take to see results from the course?

By watching this course, you’ll be gaining all the tools you need to effectively parent your ADHD child. The sooner you implement these tools, the sooner you’ll see results.

Do I have to watch the full-ten week course before I can implement it?

Absolutely not! Each session focuses on a separate topic, providing tools that can be implemented right away. That said, each topic serves its own crucial purpose. To gain maximum benefit, I highly recommend completing the full course.

My child has ADD, not ADHD. Would I find this course helpful?

Definitely! Both ADD and ADHD stem from the same root issue. The tools offered in this course work for both conditions.

My child is doing well on medication. Do I still need this course?

Yes. Medication doesn’t relieve every symptom of ADHD. Your child still needs to learn the life-skills and strategies to manage his/her condition.

Can this course benefit my non-ADHD children as well?

 Yes! Through this course, you’ll learn the parenting skills you need to deal effectively with all your children, and to create a loving, well-functioning home.

How can I reach out to you in case I have any questions?

You can send us an email at for general queries. For all your technical support related queries, you can drop an email at Yvonne is also available for live consultation as well.

Ready to become an expert ADHD parent?

You’ll gain access to a wealth of knowledge from an expert in the field.

Stream the Course

Ten premium-quality video sessions. One on-demand session per week.

Implement What You’ve Learned

Step-by-step instruction and guided exercises make application easy

Enjoy Parenting Success

Confident parents, successful kids, happy home

Learn to manage the challenges of ADHD – and watch your child’s gifts blossom

Our parents say it best

“We came away with so many tools to really handle all the different difficulties that come up.”


“This course was so helpful. I learned how to understand my daughter and see the positives more than negatives.”


“After taking this course, I see that my grandchild listens and responds to me so much more.”


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