The Gift of ADHD: Online Course School License


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Ten actionable sessions packed with everything you need to know, including:


Understand and Accept Your Student

Understand what they’re experiencing. Learn to love them the way they are. Replace the nagging and criticism with simple strategies that work.


Teach Missing Life Skills

Teach your student responsibility, organization, direction-following skills and more.


Manage Your Students’s Behavior

Set effective boundaries. Decrease negativity and anger outbursts.


Foster Healthy Self Esteem

Give your student the self-confidence they need to succeed. Grab the key to motivating them to do the right thing.


Facilitate Academic Success

Create an academic program that works for your ADHD student.


Instill Social Skills

Teach your student to get along with everyone – at home, at school, and in life.


How it Works: After purchasing the course you will get an email with a link to the full course. The course may only be used by the school and not given for personal use.

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