3 Part Live Zoom School Training Webinar



How can this workshop help 


Having an ADHD kid in the classroom does not have to be a discipline nightmare.


It can be a refreshing gift.


With Yvonne’s toolkit under your belt, you can:


  • Teach them to respect rules


  • Help them acquire missing life skills


  • Facilitate their academic success


The power struggle eliminated, you are set free to do what you love best: Teach. Connect. Bring out your student’s many surprising gifts.




You know the names of the ADHD kids in your school by heart because they are in your office so often. You feel like their difficult behavior will never change.


It doesn’t have to be this way.


Hundreds of principals have taken Her workshop and can now:


  • Guide their staff in how to deal with ADHD in the classroom


  • Effect lasting change during those visits to the office.


You can transform a child’s school experience, phase out strategies that clearly don’t work and finally begin to educate.


Both you, and the child, deserve it.




How it Works: Each session takes approximately one hour. Time will be given at the end of each session for Q and A.

After Purchasing the course, a representative will be in touch with you about scheduling a time for the Workshop

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