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Module 1 Session 1: Understanding ADHD
Lesson 1 Understanding ADHD
Module 2 Session 2: Empowering Your Child

Lesson 1 Empowering Your Child
Module 3 Session 3: Empowering Compliments

Lesson 1 Empowering Compliments
Module 4 Session 4: The Winning Triad: Parents, Teachers, and ADHD
Lesson 1 The Winning Triad: Parents, Teachers, ADHD
Module 5 Session 5: Skills

Lesson 1 Skills
Module 6 Session 6: Strategies

Lesson 1 Strategies
Module 7 Session 7: Boundaries

Lesson 1 Boundaries
Module 8 Session 8: Social Skills
Lesson 1 Social Skills
Module 9 Session 9: Anger-Management

Lesson 1 Anger Management
Module 10 Session 10a: Motivation
Lesson 1 Motivation
Module 11 Session 10b: “Discover the Gift of ADHD” Summary

There are no units in this module.
Module 12 FREE BONUS Session: Going to School Happily!

Lesson 1 Going to School Happily!

Module 13 BONUS Session (with purchase of course): From Pessimism to Optimism

Lesson 1 From Pessimism to Optimism
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