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4 Tips to Help ADHD Individuals Choose and Succeed in the Right Careers

One of the many worries parents of children with ADHD commonly express is whether their child can hold down a job. As parents pursue ADHD care to help their child, they also look towards the future. How can they help their child overcome the stumbling blocks ADHD places in their path toward career success and financial security?

Are They Always Struggling?

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Let’s break down the struggles that keep ADHD individuals from succeeding in the workplace. ADHD characteristics seem dismayingly at odds with successful workplace performance. Here are some things they may struggle with:

  • Time-management
  • Punctuality
  • Organization
  • Distractibility
  • Concentration issues
  • Difficulty completing tasks

These challenges aren’t always present for those with ADHD. When these individuals are engaged in tasks they love, their struggles often shrink.

For example, your child may struggle to stay seated in class, yet will sit fully engrossed in a favorite video game. Your teenager may not quite finish a chore at home, but with Sunflower Maids will follow through on every instruction in art class. If your child exhibits such behaviors, consider these tips to help them succeed in future ventures:

ADHD Career Tip #1: Find Work You Love

The best career advice to give a child with ADHD is this: do something you love. When work bores an ADHD individual they will struggle. If work is stimulating, they are more capable of overcoming many of their difficulties. Doable work allows them to utilize their ADHD strengths, including: creativity, intelligence, passion, drive, ingenuity, generosity, resilience, and hyperfocus. These traits will allow them to produce truly incredible work.

ADHD Career Tip #2: Play to Your Strengths

ADHD individuals should also consider whether they are good at the work their career requires. Most people struggle to persevere when something feels too difficult. For those with ADHD there is a greater pull to give up. If ADHD individuals work in a field where they excel, they are more likely to keep and maintain their job.

ADHD Career Tip #3: Focus on Skill-Building

ADHD individuals will still encounter challenges in some aspects of their work. But ADHD coaching can help. To maximize their potential, those with ADHD need to actively learn and practice the executive functioning skills — organization, time-management, task-completion, and more — they might be missing. Such practice will bring them a long way toward excelling in the workforce.

Of course, the ideal time to learn these skills is childhood, so ADHD parental tools are critical. When parents are equipped to help their children build their missing skills, they change the course of their children’s lives, and save them from endless future struggle and heartache.

ADHD Career Tip #4: Think About the People

Most people want to have a friendly relationship with bosses and colleagues, but it’s not always a requirement. For an ADHD individual, work relationships can have a huge impact on their performance. When people relate to them with understanding and appreciation, they stand a much higher chance of meeting expectations and thriving.

When job-hunting, ADHD individuals should review how prospective workplaces relate to their people. Are relationships very technical or is there a greater focus on nurturing human capital? Do supervisors give positive feedback? Are other employees happy working there? Are higher-ups interested in empowering employees and bringing out their best? Are they fair-minded and flexible when employees make mistakes?

Such work environments aren’t overly common, but they do exist. The more human-friendly a workplace, the better an employee with ADHD will perform.

Key Takeaways:

When helping children with ADHD choose a career, parents should:

  • Guide them toward work they love
  • Guide them toward careers that use their strengths
  • Help them with skills-training (on their own or with professional help) to boost success despite the inevitable parts of their jobs that aggravate their weaknesses
  • Remind them to consider the people aspect. Understanding, appreciative employers will likely allow them to perform better.

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